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  Name Title
Patti Dukes Dukes, Patti Principal
Patty Edwards Edwards, Patty Office Manager
Lisa Giuliani Giuliani, Lisa Director of Marketing and Development
Carolyn Miller Miller, Carolyn Financial Secretary




  Name Title
Lawren Antley Antley, Lawren 3rd Grade Homeroom/Spanish Teacher/3rd-5th grade Social Studies
Kara Brown Brown, Kara K5 Teacher
Emma De Rhodo De Rhodo, Emma 2nd Grade Teacher
Paula Hart Hart, Paula Library/Computer
Kevin Hayes Hayes, Kevin 7th Grade Homeroom/Middle School ELA and HIstory
Margaret Hoeft Hoeft, Margaret 5th Grade Homeroom/3rd-5th Math and Science
Amber Knight Knight, Amber 8th Grade Teacher - ASPIRE
Karen Lamar Lamar, Karen 4th Grade Homeroom/ 3rd-5th grades Reading Language Arts
Megan Laserna Laserna, Megan K4 Teacher
Michelle Lingenfelter Lingenfelter, Michelle 6th Grade Homeroom/Middle School Math/Science
Sheilah Perry Perry, Sheilah Physical Education
Courtney Reed Reed, Courtney Music Teacher
Irene Rowe Rowe, Irene Art Teacher
Carolyn Smith Smith, Carolyn K4 Assistant/5th-8th Grade Religion
Krissy Wissel Wissel, Krissy 1st Grade Teacher