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Mathematics skills are developed through a comprehensive math program. Beginning in the primary grades, emphasis on math literacy is the focus. Students learn computation skills, problem-solving and real-life application skills. Critical thinking and reasoning skills are integrated to meet college and career readiness standards for all grade levels. Students who are eligible to take Algebra I in 8th grade and meet the standards of the course will receive a Carnegie high school credit.

Grade 8
At the end of Grade 7, students in 7th Grade Pre-Algebra will be eligible to take Algebra I in 8th grade if the following criteria have been met:
  • Final average of at least 85% in 7th Grade Pre-Algebra.
  • Math MAP test score in the 231-250 RIT score range.
  • Recommendation from the teacher indicating the student has demonstrated a strong work ethic, consistently completed homework, and displays the ability to master Algebra I course material.

Upon meeting the criteria listed above, students will be placed in Algebra I in their eighth-grade year. This placement is probationary and contingent upon ongoing acceptable performance in the Algebra I class. This is a high school level course taken for high school credit.

Students not eligible to take 8th Grade Algebra I, according to the criteria outlined above, will be placed in 8th Grade “Bridge to Algebra”.