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Nativity School is a must for parents seeking an education above and beyond in the Charleston, SC area. Amazing teachers, amazing kids, and an amazing community spirit. When we moved our children to Charleston SC from Australia we couldn't have been made to feel more welcome and included by the entire school community.  Our kids were more excited about visiting their Nativity friends and teachers than they were about our cruise to the Bahamas!!!  ~ Belinda Pratt

Looking for the real deal when it comes to the Catholic faith? You'll find it in Nativity! Patti Dukes goes beyond hiring talented teachers, maintaining rigorous coursework, and conveying high expectations. She and her team provide a moral compass by living the Gospel every day. We are so impressed by their thoughtfulness, their commitment to students, and their willingness to partner with parents. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nativity!  ~Cindi May

Most caring teachers- Incredible experience for our children! We came to Nativity School after just moving to this State, and we travel quite a way to attend this school. We chose Nativity over all other schools because of what we had read about the caring staff and Catholic values. We are so glad we did. Principal Dukes, Patty Edwards, and the faculty are so wonderful. The parents have been welcoming and the students have been kind. The sense of community and focus on Catholic values (of service, compassion, solidarity, humility) are a daily reaffirmation that our children are at the right place. They are educating the whole person, and we are grateful for this school and their commitment to our family. Their Thanksgiving celebration is incredible too! ~Ann Brasco

I have absolutely loved Nativity School. My daughter has been attending since K5, and she has grown so much academically, spiritually, and physically. Her reading improved dramatically thanks to the volunteer Super Readers. We are celebrating her First Communion this year and I love that she is learning about Jesus every day. She also joined the school's basketball team and looks forward to practicing every week. We have great volunteer coaches whose children go to school, as well. If you are looking for a close community of supportive friends who have your child's best interest at heart, then send your child to Nativity School. ~ Vicki V.

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