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Social Ministry makes our school Catholic.  Through our baptism, we are all called to serve and to be the light of Christ to others.  The purpose of our social justice program is two-fold.  First, using the seven corporal works of mercy as a guide, we strive to awaken in our students a sense of responsibility to reach out and to respond to others’ needs.  The second purpose of our program is to actively involve each student and every staff member to work toward making Nativity School a more peaceable community.  Making peace must start within us, in our classroom, and in our school.  Each of us, members of the Nativity School community, commits himself/herself as best he/she can to become nonviolent and peaceable people, in our school, in our community, and in our homes.  Therefore, we pledge:

To respect ourselves and others.

To communicate better.

To listen.

To forgive.

To respect nature.

To play peacefully.

To act courageously.

Our social justice program is not just the work of one individual or group, but a school-wide effort.  As we are all one body in Christ, we are all called by our baptism to be Christ to others.  Thus, we challenge all students, parents, and staff to be a part of the solution because we know if you want peace, you need to work for justice.