The support of families, alumni, parishioners and friends of Nativity School is vital. There are many ways to make a donation to Nativity School to support our efforts to provide the best faith based education possible. Donations can be made to Nativity School in honor or memory of an alumni, family member, parishioner, or friend.


Nativity School has an Annual Fund Drive each year that supports specific goals to increase learning opportunities for our students. Recent goals have been to purchase SMART Boards, provide tuition assistance, and purchase resources and materials to replace outdated materials.  All these have been accomplished through generous support.


The following are some very simple ways to show support of Nativity School


Clip Box Tops for Education and turn them into the school office.


Link your Harris Teeter VIC card to Nativity School at code 2940.



Pick up a Publix Savings Card from the school office and the cashier at Publix will scan it every time you check out.



Collect drink pouches (Capri sun, etc.) and send them to school in a sealed Ziploc bag.  Pouches should be empty and straws thrown away.



Link Nativity School to your Target credit card.  Each time you use the Target card a percentage is given to our school.



Visit Ready, Set, Rock and Roll and place your receipt in the Nativity School box. 



Visit Chick-fil-A on Nativity School Spirit Night, place your receipt in the box by the registers and we receive a percentage from each receipt.



Use as your search engine.  Pick Nativity School as who you good search for and we receive a percentage back. 


Clip Box Tops for Education and turn them into the school office.


The Nativity School Endowment Fund was established in 1989 in an effort to provide for a sound economic future for Nativity School.  The sole purpose of this fund is to defray the cost of Nativity’s operating expenses, building maintenance, faculty salaries, and new construction. Contributions to the fund will remain forever, with only the interest being used.  This fund is located with the Diocesan office.All donations are tax deductible.





 Thank you for supporting Nativity School!